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Play More Bass!!!

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SVT Amps and Cabs

Tube Version of the Micro CL and Micro VR Heads

Make a Tube Version of the Micro CL and VRs to pump out about the same power as they do now. Maybe not a full power tube section but a preamp tube similar to those micro heads from Orange and Vox and Peavey. If they could work with the existing micro cabinets that would be great, especially for recording situations or small clubs.


85 votes
90 up votes
5 down votes

General Suggestions

Reissue classic Ampeg basses! Baby, Scroll, Devil, etc.

Given the recent purchase of Ampeg by Yamaha, why not take advantage of that half-century of guitar-making experience and bring these classic instruments back to life!
NS designs has shown that the upright bass can be seen in pop music stages. Perhaps an all -wood design Baby, such as those made by Steve Azola (No longer made), could make the Baby appealing to ALL musicians, not just 'Salseros'! ;)
Eastwood has released... more »


52 votes
58 up votes
6 down votes

Portaflex Amps and Cabs

Reissue the B-15 without the Heritage price tag

I'd really like to have a B-15 at a lower price point than the heritage series but at a higher quality than the PF-20T and PF-50T... maybe parallel to other manufacturer's American-made vintage reissue amplifiers with PCBs inside.


It would be key to keep the styling and schematic of the original B-15, octal preamp tubes and all... and use high quality electronic components.


52 votes
56 up votes
4 down votes